USA Mobile Drug Testing Franchise

Opportunity Overview

Incorporated in 2008, USA Mobile Drug Testing (USAMDT®) is a privately held corporation headquartered in beautiful Tampa Bay, Florida. USAMDT was born from a passion for helping people, business and to reduce drug and alcohol misuse in our country and around the world.

The USA Mobile Drug Testing (USAMDT®) story began with our Founder and former CEO Joseph Strom… Read More History >>

After years of industry research in testing requirements, certification standards, laboratories investigations, product suppliers, training companies, IT specialists, marketing and sales experts, training and franchising specialists… USAMDT was born!

Our goal is to limit our client’s exposure to liability, substantial non-compliance fines, sanctions, loss of business privileges, and…  Corporate Philosophy >>

Focused Suite of Services

While USAMDT does not attempt to be all things to all companies. We specialize in mobile drug and alcohol testing, and other human resource services such as background checks, random testing programs and deterrence programs.

Our franchisees operate from a better model. We are mobile and on the spot.  Our mobile compliance specialists go to schools to test students, sporting events to test amateur and professional athletes, as well as to broad variety of businesses to test employees while on the job.  Primary USAMDT services include:

  • Instant testing
  • Alcohol testing
  • Oral fluid testing
  • Hair testing
  • Steroid testing
  • Background checks
  • Fingerprinting
  • DNA testing
  • Supervisor training programs
  • Employee education programs

The reality is that in today’s day and age, almost every company and organization we can think of needs some form of substance abuse testing. USAMDT has a competitive advantage because we make testing easy, convenient and inexpensive.

You too can be part of the USAMDT growing team that consults with employers and community leaders to achieve our business goals while supporting our mission.

The USAMDT Advantage

USAMDT is the only nationally-branded franchise devoted to high effective and efficient mobile drug and alcohol testing. Our national purchasing power, reoccurring revenue business model and high client retention rates allow our Franchise Owners to remain competitively priced and build their business equity quickly.

USAMDT franchisees have a distinct tactical marketing advantage over traditional in-lab testing services because our on-site mobile drug and alcohol testing services are more efficient, less costly and more accurate than traditional brick-and-mortar competitors.  Additionally, our Franchise Owners are Compliance Specialists creating value added relationship with our clients locally and nationwide.

USAMDT business model has the benefit of a brief start-up and low overhead that help create rapid ROI and maintain high margins for our franchisees. Those specific features include:

  • Fast 45 to 60 day startup
  • No brick & mortar office expenses
  • Highly scalable business structure
  • VERY low staffing requirement
  • You and possibly as few as 1 other individual to start!

Interested in learning more?

New market sectors are opening up all the time including student drug testing, athletic testing, court mandated testing, public aid testing, workplace testing and more. USAMDT franchisees have a competitive advantage in the markets we service because of our PROVEN marketing plan, step-by-step hands-on training, volume pricing and ongoing marketing and sales support.

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