Ownership Qualifications

The typical USAMDT® Franchisee is looking for an opportunity that requires a LOW-COST START-UP to build business equity and long-term financial stability. He or she wants the power to easily scale the business from a small start-up to a large operation without a cap on business potential.

The USAMDT business model is designed for the entrepreneur with the capital to invest approximately $100,000 to develop a highly viable B2B services company to nurture from a small business, starting with as little as 1 additional employee, to a local professional powerhouse serving more then 150 employers.

USAMDT is about making a difference. This is your opportunity to own and operate your own business while contributing to a real need of other businesses, offering a better, much needed service to others employers in your community.

Characteristics of a USAMDT Franchisee

The preferred profile for a USAMDT Franchisee contains a High School Diploma or higher, good communication skills, management ability and history of generally ambitious behavior. Professional sales experience is a plus.  Other characteristics include:

  • Desire for unlimited growth potential
  • Strong general people skills
  • Basic management ability
  • Active role in running and promoting the business
  • Willingness to follow proven systems
  • Desire to work hard for an improved lifestyle
  • Decision-making capabilities
  • Proper motivation
  • Adequate finances
  • Determination to succeed
  • Personal confidence
  • Eagerness to learn
  • Perseverance 

If the above list describes you, you owe it to yourself to contact us to learn more about exclusive USAMDT territory availability in your area. You too can be a part of our category leading National drug and alcohol testing B2B business and make a difference in your market!

Does this sound like you? If so… CONTACT US TODAY!

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