Corporate Philosophy

We make winning the war on drugs a reality. Our goal is to limit our client’s exposure to liability, substantial non-compliance fines, sanctions, loss of business privileges, and of course, loss of productivity.

Our business is founded on the basis that testing for drugs and alcohol, especially on an unexpected random-type basis, is one of the single most effective ways to deter substance abuse.

Our Mission

To consistently exceed our customers expectations by providing the best in class products and superior customer service.

Our Vision

USA Mobile Drug Testing will be the premier provider of a complete suite of employment compliance services in the United States.

Our Values

The mission, vision and values of USA Mobile Drug Testing will be guided by the following core values:


  • Demonstrating honesty and sincerity in all of our dealings.
  • Upholding only the highest ethical principles.
  • Making decisions that reflect the highest standards of stewardship and accountability of resources.


  • Being accountable for our actions.
  • Delivering every product and service to our franchisee’s and clients in a timely professional manner.
  • Developing a well trained high quality workforce.
  • Showing pride in our efforts and providing extraordinary customer service.


  • Working in full cooperation and mutual support that inspires trust and respect to achieve a common goal.
  • Creating a spirit of outstanding services.
  • Working together with our franchisee’s to achieve our common goal.


  • Showing consideration or regard for an individual or institution.
  • Judging all people on their merits.
  • Being tolerant and appreciative.
  • Accepting individual differences.

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